Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Mansfield Park~ The Dream Cast Part 1

I want a good movie version of Mansfield Park badly. Being as ignorant of dates and times as I am, I will simply trail off a list of favourite actors I think would be good. Some of them will be too old or young, I'm sure, but it is a dream cast after all!!
 Firstly, Fanny Price. Fanny the younger: 

Isabelle Allen (also Cosette in the latest Les Mis, I believe) 

The older Fanny:

Kimberly Nixon (Sophy Hutton in Cranford) But she might be a little too old :-(

Edmund Bertram: I can't decide!! 

Tom Bertram:

Rupert Evans (Frank Churchill/Hale)

Sir Thomas Bertram

Bill Paterson (Miss Potter)

Lady Bertram

Brenda Blethyn (Mrs Bennet from Fake P&P)

Maria Bertram

Jena Malone ( Lydia in ditto)

Julia Bertram
Carey Mulligan (although she may be too old) Kitty in ditto ditto. Coincidence?

Part 2 coming up! Any suggestions for Edmund? I have no idea!!