About the author

~  a follower of Jesus Christ
~ a teen girl
~ 50% British, 50% Dutch, and 100% Kiwi
~ a chocolate lover
~ a bookworm
~ a chronic writer
~  an aspiring librarian
~ hopeless at maths
~ a dedicated Janeite
~ a collector of friends, of books, of pictures and of quotes
~ a diehard Mizzer
~ a bit of an introvert
~ a bit of a goof
~ a horse lover
~ a cook
~ a dressmaker

I take a notebook with me wherever I go, I love listening to Brooke Fraser, I sing in the middle of the footpath (sidewalk for all you American people :)), I can be very secretive and I have been known to shout "Long live Poland!" for no apparent reason. I love the book of Romans, the colour purple, and walking in the rain. I play the tenor horn and the piano and I love receiving letters.

But enough about me. I want to know about you. Please comment and introduce yourself!!

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