Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Jane Austen Birthday Tea

How appropriate, at the time of year when Pride & Prejudice was published, that my sister Emily (of Jane Austen Mad) should choose to celebrate her 13th birthday with a Regency Tea Party!

                                             And, of course, a cameo cake made by Me.
                                                 Orange and white chocolate truffles.
And gorgeous teacups.
The guests all dressed up.
"Midder Dardee" quite happy with his tin "teacup."
Couldn't resist adding this one! We finished the evening by watching Sense and Sensibility.
1995, Of Course.


  1. How cool! I have often wanted to do something like this for my birthday, and dress up and invite all my friends. I hope you guys had lots of fun!

  2. That photo blowing of me out the candles is horrific, sister! How could you?! ;-b

    I shall get my revenge! ;-) Jokes!

  3. It looks like an AMAZING birthday party! I recently had the great priviledge of attending a Jane Austen themed birthday party myself, and it was so much fun!!! :D Seeing as you love Jane Austen, I thought you'd like to see the amazing gown I borrowed for the occassion (complete with a bonnet!) :D It can be seen here: