Monday, 22 July 2013

The French Revolution

Recently I've had a craze for all things French. i.e.: the language, the Revolution, the food.............and the clothing of 1700's France. I haven't seen any period films about the Revolution yet, but I do want to read and then watch Les Miserables.

I've been reading a book called Marie Antoinette and her Son by L. Muhlbach.

I must confess I saw no point in the Revolution itself. The royals were rather extravagant, but Marie herself made a better politician than her husband, who was an outdoorsy, quiet person. The satirists of the day had great hatred for the Austrian, as they called the queen, and exaggerated rumours about all the things she did that enraged the common people. In the end, the king and the queen and many of their friends and relatives were guillotined. One person of note was the Princess de Lamballe, the Queen's faithful friend, who died because she would not swear disloyalty to her Majesty.

The book spans the days leading up to the Revolution and covers the beginning of the reign of Napoleon.
Another great book about the Revolution and post-Revolution, as well as being an excellent biography, is The Man who Painted Roses, by Antonia Ridge.

It is about Pierre-Joseph Redoute, a humble Belgian peasant who became Painter of Flowers to two queens and an empress. I posted about his roses in my other blog, the Society of Accomplished Young Ladies. Here are some more.
I have made two Revolution-era gowns which I will post about (one day:-))


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