Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The Costumes of Cranford~Miss Deborah

Miss Deborah's clothes are very plain and reflect her serious nature. They are definitely much less colourful and pretty than Miss Matty's.

In this picture she is wearing a plain gray-brown gown with a flat pointed collar and a button front. She wears a black shawl and her usual white cap. Elizabeth Gaskell described Miss Deborah's bonnet as a 'jockey-cap' and it definitely looks like one. See below.

It doesn't have a very extended brim and is very loosely tied.
This is a shamefully short post but unfortunately I couldn't find any pictures of any more of her clothes!
I hope you enjoyed reading!


  1. I definitely like Miss Matty's clothes better, but Miss Deborah's outfits reflect her personality. :)

  2. Yeah....
    I like all of them really. I'm a costume fanatic!!:-)