Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The Costumes of Cranford~ Miss Pole

Yay, now we get to my favourite character!! Miss Pole! 

This dress has a large lace collar and belt in a similar style to Mary's-see previous post. It seems to be a brown/cream/pale pink print. The belt is sort of checked. 

Here she wears the same collar, I think, but the dress is more elaborate. It appears to be a brown silk with a green and red pattern and pointed tape trimming along the edges of the shoulders and front. Again we see that indefatigable bonnet with bows at the top and sides and a tall pheasant's feather. Miss Pole's signature headgear.
I am trying not to laugh at her expression. Ahem. She is wearing her frilled lace cap tied beneath her chin and a small beige shoulder cape over her faded cream day dress.

I might have to make that do as I couldn't find any more pictures of her different outfits.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Haha! Miss Pole is hilarious!!
    I love that bonnet with the long feather sticking out- suits her so well!
    (I wouldn't wear it myself though:)

  2. Yes! Whenever we're watching Cranford and we see the Feather coming, we know something funny's gonna happen!!