Friday, 9 May 2014

Movie Review~ Les Miserables 1998

It's a wee while since I've seen this, but I'll try to write a review of it:-) We all know the story, don't we? But if you don't, look it up. It's kind of complicated. I will take this character by character.
Beginning of course with Jean Valjean, played by Liam Neeson.

I will point out now that I am completely and utterly biased when it comes to Les Mis, and this version cannot compare to my beloved Les Mis 2012. I do think, though, that Liam Neeson was a very good Valjean. He is kind of violent at first, more so than in the musical, but this provides a greater contrast to his change of heart. I was sympathizing for him through the whole movie. Some of his exchanges with Javert were hilarious. "I order you to forgive yourself." Although his almost-romantic relationship with Fantine was not at all book-accurate, it was sweet. I could see them getting married and living happily ever after with little Cosette.

Geoffrey Rush as Javert did a pretty good job. That is to say, he made me hate him, which is what's supposed to happen. He's pretty horrible. Pretty accurate to the book. I have to say though that when he tied Marius up and then held Cosette at gunpoint--after spying on both of them for weeks--I was writhing in a that-didn't-happen-how-dare-they-how-dare-he sort of way.
And his suicide was, well, disappointing. He kind of steps backward into a still river with Jean Valjean standing right there.
I really liked Uma Thurman's Fantine. She was pretty, and she looked a lot like the older Cosette. We skipped a few scenes with her, but the scene of her arrest is so pitiful. It was really well done, and so was her illness. She was as good as Anne Hathaway in my opinion.

The Bishop was quite funny and a little severe at first. Not as kindly as in the musical. Overall he was good.

Cosette. I definitely didn't like her. She was pretty and a little vain like in the book, but she was nowhere near as sweet as Cosette is in the book and the musical. This one was positively disrespectful to her father. I also don't see how she fell in love with Marius. The guy gives me the creeps. See below.
I mean, he really needs a haircut. At least it's black. But since when is Marius the leader of the Friends of the ABC? And where was Enjolras? And Courf? And Combeferre? 
At least they had Gavroche and his two 'brats.' His death was heartbreaking.

This movie, especially the ending, was rather disappointing. There was no wedding. Marius was lying half dead and Javert committed suicide. Then, um, Jean Valjean walked home.
The End.
Sorry, couldn't resist:-) Vive Les Mis 2012!!


  1. "Marius was lying half dead and Javert committed suicide. Then, um, Jean Valjean walked home."
    BWAHAHAHA. Great review, m'dear! :D

  2. Haha thanks! As you can tell I wasn't too impressed with this movie!