Thursday, 17 July 2014

Bucket List

So I was at a friend's place this week, and we were brainstorming about what to do that day. We came up with the idea of making bucket lists on a fancy scrapbook page. So we had a look at Pinterest for some ideas (though we did come up with some of our own!) and they turned out great! I don't have a photo of mine but here's the list:

~1. Go ice skating. Never been.
~2. Name a star.
~3. Visit the walk of fame.
~4. Have my own library:-).
~5. Swim in the Dead Sea.
~6. Read the Top 100 books of all time.
~7. Catch a bride's bouquet.
~8. See the Northern Lights.
~9. Ride a double decker bus in London.
~10. Go on a road trip with friends.
~11. Go paintballing.
~12. Dance in the rain.
~13. Learn how to skateboard.
~14. Visit Niagara Falls.
~15. Explore a cave.
~16. Release a floating lantern.
~17. Go bowling.
~18. Invent my own candy.
~19. Swim with dolphins.
~20. Be an extra in a movie.
~21. Have my portrait painted.
~22. Make a family tree.
~23. Learn how to surf.
~24. Write a recipe book.
~25. Ride in a hot air balloon.
~26. Send a message in a bottle.
~27. See the solar eclipse on the 21st of August 2017.
~28. Climb the Eiffel Tower.
~29. Get a university degree.
~30. Learn French.
~31. Give people a reason to remember my name.
~32. Travel the world.
~33. See Les Miserables live.
~34. Publish a book.
~35. Do missionary work.
~36. Learn to ballroom dance.
~37. Get auburn highlights.
~38. Do a half marathon.
~39. Meet the Royal Family.
~40. Go hunting.
~41. Go to Spain.
~42. Learn how to shoot a bow and arrow.
~43. Explore a real castle.
~44. Make a wish at the Trevi Fountain in Rome.
~45. Get married and have a family.

So that's my bucket list. But I want to see yours, so I've created the Bucket List Tag. Don't worry, you don't have to post 45 of them! It can be as many as you like but at least ten things and tag five people. Post this picture on your blog.\

I am tagging Miss Jane Bennet, Evie Brandon, Naomi, Jenn and Petie.
Anyone else who reads this post is free to do this tag:-)


  1. What a good I idea! I'm hoping to do this sooner or later. Right now I'm a little busy, but I'll do it as soon as I can.
    I LOVE your bucket list. I think I might steal a few... you don't mind, do you?
    Thought of any more blog names yet? :-)

    1. I don't mind at all!! I don't own these ideas! ;-) anyway, great minds think alike. Sadly no.....still in the deciding process, hopefully it will have a name soon, poor thing!!

  2. Heyyyyy Great Idea! I am compiling mine and will comment again with my link! :D Thanks for the tag, oh and could you change my name on your post to Evie Brandon :) Ta

  3. Cool! That's one long list!

  4. Done the tag! check out my blog! :D

  5. You can read my bucket list here: