Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Favourite Period Drama Costumes ~ Queen Victoria

This is one of my favourite movies. Partly because of the gorgeous costumes:-)
The one above appears to be white silk and lace. Victoria wears a lot of jewels and flowers in her hair. The gowns in this movie are early Victorian. Puffed sleeves, round necklines and pointed bodices.
This is the one she wears to her uncle's(or is it her grandfather's?) birthday banquet. Her sash is tied in a bow in front and the dress is yellow with lace over it. The flowers at her neck match the ones in her hair. Not a huge fan of this hairstyle. Looks like a Mrs. Gibson hairdo (Wives and Daughters.)

This one is my favourite. She wears it at her coronation ball. It's yellow silk with pink trimmings and lace-trimmed sleeves.

Another one of my favourites. A dark pink gown trimmed with flowers and short elbow sleeves.

This is a gray print day dress with a blue sash and puffed sleeves. She also wears a bonnet with wide silk ties.

This is a royal blue gown she wears at the end of the movie. It has a deep lace ruffle and a brooch on the bodice. A lot of her gowns are low-cut.:-(

A gorgeous blue-grey dress with double-puffed sleeves. It matches the diamonds in her ears and the flowers in her hair.

A very sombre and plain black morning gown with point lace trim.

A beautiful purple dress decorated with flowers. I'm not sure what kind they are, but they're lovely. The blue bit is her court sash.

A traveling coat of blue velvet over a striped day gown. Her bonnet brim is semi-transparent and tied with a wide blue ribbon.

I think this is the same dress. She's also wearing a locket on a black ribbon.
These were all I could find. Hope you enjoyed!


  1. I must admit that I find this era too puffy and frilly for my tastes, but this was still a nice post! :)
    I particularly like the grey day dress. :)

  2. The dresses are really big eh!! I'd love to wear all these...maybe not every day! Me too:-)