Tuesday, 7 October 2014

I'm back:)

Hello friends! Seems like ages since I've posted. Thankyou so much for your sweet comments on my birthday!! So hopefully there should be a few posts coming up:

   ~ Country Dance Post! Yay it's this weekend! I'm so excited! Just saying, our camera broke :-( so my post could potentially be photo-less.....unless I can bribe some obliging friends to send me some photos. I will do my best.
   ~ War Horse movie review. Got it out of the library, hopefully I will watch it sometime this week and I'll post a review.
  ~ Another Authors post, probably. I'm thinking of alternating classic/older authors with more 'modern ones'.....any ideas?
  ~ I will hopefully be able to post some photos from my birthday party too. Had to recruit my cousin as official photographer, because as you already know, our camera was Mean and Stupid and had to break just when we really didn't want it to. It's all good though, because she's an amazing photographer. Anyways.
How have you guys spent your holidays?
I've been:

 ~ working. At the library.

* the beating of your heart echoes the beating of the drums*


Well, it isn't this copy. It has a picture from the 1998 movie on it and you all know what I think of that but it doesn't matter. I love, love love it! It's so lovely and thick :)

 ~ Watching;  all six Star Wars movies, finally. Never saw them before. Now I can't wait for number 7 :-)

 ~ Studying: English because exams are looming up before me. Oh well, the sun will go on rising and setting, whether I fail in English or not.

Have an amazing day, guys, and I will be back soon!


  1. Lovely lovely lovely! :D Welcome back! I missed your posts! How exciting you got Les Mis and worked at a Library I wish I could work at my library!! ah well. Hope you had a lovely day!
    PS: I'm in a lovely mood hahah using lovely a lot.. :P

  2. OOOOOOH YOU'RE WATCHING ALL SIX SW MOVIES?? I would absoballylutely LOOVE to hear your thoughts on them! Especially on Anakin. :D I had SUCH a crush on him when I was younger...and unafraid...heeehee. Annnnd we make an abrupt subject change to LM. I actually own the book you pictured--mine is completely beat-up, though. :P How are you liking the library? I volunteer there every summer and I absolutely adore working there--but I like libraries as a general rule. Mine in particular. :D

    1. YES! I LOVE 'EM!!! haha and I will post my thoughts on them sometime......haha okay I will do a special feature on Anakin just for you. A very complicated character. Oh, don't you just love how big Les Mis is? Wish I could write something that thick!! I'm loving work at the library! It's not too big, so not too busy, and the people who work there are lovely:)

  3. I love Star Wars! I can't wait for #7 too. I hope it's good. :) Which trilogy did you like best, the original trilogy (Han, Luke, Leia) or the Prequel trilogy? (Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Padme)

    1. Yes, I reeeeaaally hope Disney doesn't ruin them:-( Ooh tough question.....Out of the trilogies, probably the prequel series, though #2, #3, and #6 are my favourites:-)

    2. I love the original trilogy best, but I like the prequels too. I watched episode 3 recently for the first time and liked it a lot!

    3. Yeah, I loved the originals! They were definitely less intense...episode 3 is very intense eh!! The whole Anakin-turning-bad thing really interested me.

    4. Yes it was very intense! But in a good way. I think it added a lot of depth to the story. The Anakin thing interested me as well, although I was sad that he turned bad. :(

  4. I can't wait for the pictures of your country dance!!! Did you make the dress you said you were going to?
    My holidays have been spent not doing much, I just helped with cutting up a ute-load of firewood... Not the most fun way to spend a Wednesday! Did you have a good birthday? Lucky thing for getting Les Mis! :)

    1. Sadly, no....I just ran out of time! I have been way too busy. I had made a start on a dress but I didn't get around to finishing it:-(
      haha let me think, what did I do on Wednesday? Can't remember.
      Yes, it was amazing, thanks!! Funny thing, maybe sixteen really is a big deal because random people I know would just come up and hug me and say happy birthday, like lots of adults from church. Weird but nice:-)
      I know! I love my big Les Mis book! :-D

  5. I cannot wait to read that review of War Horse!! I've heard lots about it. Ooh, yay, birthday pictures! :-)

    1. Review coming up!!! And so are the pictures, my cousin is sending them to me soonish I think.
      Haha yes I love it!