Wednesday, 4 February 2015

in which i prove that i am still alive alive, and I'll show you why I'm alive.

Well anyway, my friend Kitkat has tagged me with her own tag!! Yay:-) But first, there's a little bit of news.

My insanely wonderful sis Ems turned 15.

Guys. Guys. Guys. She got the Les Mis highlights soundtrack CD for her birthday!!!!
After all our schoolwork was done today we spent the afternoon having a karaoke party, speakers at full blast. We're idiots. But rather lovable ones, I hope:-)

News Number Two
She and I are no longer attending school. We shall be homeschooled forever.
Am I disappointed? Not too much:-)
I got a job, and I passed my exams!!

now for the tag!

Answer the questions truthfully
  1. Can’t tag the person who tagged you (so no tagging me)
  2. You have to tag 5 random people, as long as they have blogs, or can comment on your blog (or if they’re getting a blog soon they can wait :)) and somehow let them know
  3. You have to link back to the person who tagged you
  4. You don’t have to post 5, if you don’t have that many favorite things, but the minimum is 2 and the max 10…
So the questions are these:
Top 5 Bible Verses

Can I say the whole chapter? :-)

Top 5 Books


Every time I read these, I love them a little bit more:-)
Top 5 Movies/movie series

Top 5 Actors/Actresses

Top 5 Quotes

Top 5 Places

Top 5 Singers/bands/group

Thanks so much Kitkat!! I am tagging:

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Have a great day guys!


  1. Oooooooooooooh Great Tag! YAY! Thanks for nominating me dear! Oh and you're not alone about the Les Mis soundtrack. This afternoon I played Do You Hear The People Sing and swung about on my staircase.. I was home alone :P
    How interesting you are homeschooled! I was going to be for primary school but my folks changed thier minds

    1. Yep, whenever the cat's away, the mice will....sing and dance:-D
      Yeah, I actually love homeschooling!:)

  2. Thanks for tagging me, Beth! It's great to hear from you again. I must say I'm surprised that you're out of school already--- is that because you had really finished the term (term-times might be different where you live, so I might be puzzled because of that) or is it because you didn't like it? Oh, and did you meet Danielle there? :-)

    1. You're welcome! Actually, it hadn't started yet when we decided to pull out... thing is, we were going to do Cambridge exams as homeschooled candidates (you might have heard of them, they're exams that get UE into an university) but we were misinformed that we wouldn't be able to do those this year. But they're available now, and I'm really glad because I did well last year and I think the system suits me better than NCEA, for example....Yeah it's a bit complicated:-D
      I actually met Danielle at a book club meeting! How cool is that! So sadly I'm not going to school with her anymore, but we're keeping up contact:-)

    2. Oh yes! IGCSE's. I do those too, as a homeschooler. :-) I've got quite some this year? Are you doing some this year? We might be doing them on the same day. :-)
      Wow! That's so cool you met Danielle! Next time you see/contact her tell her she should go back to blogging! I miss her posts! :-)

    3. This year I'm doing AS English lit and language, IGCSE history and IGCSE maths:)
      Yeah I miss them too!:-D

    4. I'm doing English lit next year, and maths this year... speaking of which, I have to study. :-)

  3. Ok, So unfortunately Beth dear I don't have time for this in a new post... but I will answer here and hopefully copy it across. Once I complete it in a one note file :) Hope you understand

  4. Oh, I love this tag! Well done, Beth!