Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Book Review~ The Wolves of Willoughby Chase

I love classics, and this is a really classic book.
Number of chapters~ 11.
Author~ Joan Aiken
Plot~ Bonnie Green's parents are going abroad because her mother's health is bad. Her relation Miss Slighcarp comes to look after her and her orphan cousin Sylvia, who comes to live with her. The story is set in an imaginary period of England's history. Packs of wolves are everywhere in the country. The boat Bonnie's parents are on sinks and Miss Slighcarp tells the girls that they are dead. She sends them to an orphanage where they work very hard for Mrs Brisket. Their friend Simon helps them escape and they go to London to find Sylvia's Aunt Jane and to find out whether Bonnie's parents are really dead. In the end Sir Willoughby and Lady Green return to Willoughby Chase having survived the shipwreck and Miss Slighcarp, Mrs Brisket and their friend Mr Grimshaw are brought to justice.
In spite of the title, I found the story was not so much about the wolves. It is the first book in a long series and I'd really like to read the next ones. I recommend it for any age.


  1. A very good book. Definitely a classic!

  2. The wolves are Mr. Grimshaw -good name! :D- and Miss Slighcarp and Mrs. Brisket, Miss Margaret Dashwood

    1. That is a keen observation, Miss Laura King!! Never thought of that!:-)