Monday, 27 August 2012

Nothing in Particular

Unfortunately I have had a cold. Oh, yes.* So I have not done any posts for a long time. But I am better now, **and excepting a sore throat, there is not much the matter with me.***
I found a great computer game called Matches & Matrimony on Big Fish Games. Is about $10 to buy but was 70% off so we bought it for $3. It is really cool.
Lots of fun!! And as a matter of fact, I'm going to go play it now. Adieu!
*. From Emma.
Miss Bates: She has a cold.
Emma: Oh, no.
Miss Bates: Oh,yes.
**. From Ever After.
Baroness: What kept you?
Danielle: I fell of the ladder in the orchard, but I am better now.
***. From P&P (the book) from Jane's letter to Lizzy when she is ill.

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  1. Oh, yes! I love that game!!! :-)

    Love Lady Lucas - she's a mix of Lady Lucas, Mrs. Phillips and Mrs. Jennings. She's most like Mrs. Jennings - "[a daughter] married, and has nothing else to do but marry off everyone else's." :-D