Saturday, 8 June 2013

Cranford~ Episode Four

In this episode several things of an alarming nature occur. To be precise:
~ Mr. Holbrook's possessions are auctioned. Miss Pole buys a silhouette of him for Miss Matty, while Dr. Harrison, eager to begin furnishing his lodgings, purchases a table, not realizing that it is in fact a sewing table. He then gives it to Mrs. Rose, his housekeeper.
~ Miss Pole and Mrs. Forrester convince Mrs. Rose to let them dye her hair, persuading her that the sewing table from the Doctor was in fact a declaration of love. Poor Mrs. Rose is led to believe that Dr. Harrison intends to propose to her on May Day.
~ Lady Ludlow discovers that Mr. Carter is training Harry Gregson as a clerk, and insists on giving him work in the fields instead. Harry is very disappointed, but Lady Ludlow will not be moved. Her Ladyship then hears that the railway will be coming through her estate.
~ Caroline Tomkinson is extremely distraught as Dr. Harrison has not called on her. Meanwhile, he doctor has asked the rector for his consent to Frank's courting Sophy. They are permitted to walk out together, to the amusement of Sophy's younger sisters.
~ Miss Matty finds that her bank is on the verge of breaking and finds herself penniless. The loyal Martha concocts a plan to marry Jem and live with Miss Matty to support her. Jem, however, is reluctant to take such a step.
~ And finally, May Day dawns. Miss Matty tries to be cheerful for the sake of her friends. Miss Tomkinson tells the rector that her sister Caroline expects a proposal from the doctor, while Mrs. Rose is anticipating the same. Reverend Hutton angrily confronts Dr. Harrison, who is too bewildered to explain. The three injured ladies depart, Mrs. Rose in sorrow, Caroline in hysterics, and Sophy with a broken heart.
Memorable Quotes
"One and sixpence for a memento of my own cousin."

"I had a legacy once. It was a hat."

"I'm surprised you can hear anything with Sophy Hutton banging
  on that tambourine. It's giving me a headache."

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