Friday, 24 May 2013

Cranford~ Episode 3

In the third episode, the town eagerly anticipates the celebration of Christmas. The Tomkinson sisters hold a party on the eve of the festival.
~ Harry Gregson's father is arrested on a false charge of assault, while in fact at the time of the attack he was occupied in poaching Lady Ludlow's game, assisted by his son. Harry confesses the truth to Mr. Carter, who intercedes with Her Ladyship in an effort to get her to overlook the offence. LadyLudlow consents when she perceives the poverty of the Gregson family.
~ Dr. Harrison has a medical school friend, Jack Marshland, to stay. Jack convinces him to send flowers and a card to Sophy Hutton for Valentine's Day, but meanwhile the prankster Jack has sent a Valentine to poor Caroline Tomkinson as if from Dr. Harrison himself.
~ Miss Matty again meets with her old beau Mr. Holbrook. Mary learns from Miss Pole that Mr. Holbrook was refused by Miss Matty. She later explains that she felt she could not accept him in view of all the troubles their family was then experiencing. Miss Matty, Mary and Miss Pole are invited to visit Mr. Holbrook, who later must go abroad. Becoming ill on the way home, SPOILER*he dies*END OF SPOILER and Miss Matty orders a widow's cap.
~ Crimes are afoot in Cranford. Miss Pole (who has a good imagination) flees her house in fear of being robbed, inadvertently calling the demise of Mrs. Jamieson's beloved Carlo. Mrs. Jamieson soon acquires another pooch.
Memorable Quotes
"I very much fear it is a spy from France."
"I have such a horror of hands under beds."

"My father was a man. I think I know the sex pretty well."

"We must flee. The crimes are escalating!"


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  3. Thank you for the lovely reviews of 'Cranford' - it is seriously amazing and certianly makes my all time period drama favouites list!!! :D I have watched it countless times now and it still gets me into fits of giggles!!! :D One of my other favourite quotes is "...there is lace at stake!" ;) Miss Pole has so many lovely quotes like that and the ones you shared above. I just wish I could live in a small town like Cranford...

    1. Oh yes....I wish they would make a third Cranford series!!

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