Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Cranford~ Episode 1

"There is lace at stake!"
                                       "You are not in London, Dr. Harrison. You are in Cranford."

                                                        "I am grateful for everyone's kindness."
                                "Oh, they always do it, Dr. Harrison. It's not particular to you."

                                 "There is to be an amputation.It will be severed with a silver saw."

This miniseries is a hilarious chronicle about a market town ruled by ettiquette and custom. But changes are afoot in Cranford: new arrivals and rumours of a railway coming from nearby Manchester. To begin with: My favourite character has to be Miss Pole.
"What an excellent  perspective you have upon the scene!"

But it's not just gowns and gossip---there are downsides to 1800's life. To name but a few: a gruesome accident involving Miss Tomkinson, a weak tree branch, and a 'bone protruding'; deaths(i.e. Jessie Brown's sister); and then there is the fear that the railway will bring vagabonds and progress into Cranford.
A trailer for you(and don't forget to read the book)


  1. I love Cranford!!! :D Thanks for the review! Have you watched 'Return to Cranford'? It's pretty neat too (though I personally still prefer 'Cranford').

    1. Yes, I have, I must write a review of that too sometime. But I agree, Cranford is better than Return to Cranford!