Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Oh, and my other one weakness is......

...............Lark Rise to Candleford. Just started watching it. It's definitely not as good as Jane Austen, or even Cranford, but it's fun to watch. My favourite character is Dorcas Lane. Despite her 'one weaknesses' (I gave up counting them!)she is a kind and active member of the community. I decided to write a post about my 'one weaknesses' e.g. my favourite things.

All things Jane Austen(of course!) I received the Jane Austen Handbook for my birthday as well as a cameo teacup and they were my favourite gifts. I love the manners and the ettiquette as well as the routines and events of Regency life. Oh, to travel in time!

Quoting movies. I am chronic, I assure you. If it isn't Mr. Collins' oily pomposities then it's Mrs. Thornton's nasal Northern accent, and then it's Miss Pole's apt and meaningful remarks. I must develop my Lark Rise accent, as well as brushing up on my is Talk Like Jane Austen Week after all!

Um, chocolate. Who doesn't love it? All kinds, white, milk, dark........yummly.

Miniature horses..................soooo cute!!! I love them so much.

I love all period drama costumes too!

Well, I could list many more of my weaknesses but I had better go!
What are your 'one weaknesses'?

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