Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Favourite Period Drama Wardrobes~ Cosette

A while back I was at a loose end for post ideas and Naomi suggested I do a series of posts on my favourite period drama wardrobes. So I do have a valid reason to write this post, it is not just an excuse to post about Les Mis! Now does anybody else wonder what Cosette's last name actually was? Was it Tholomyes or Fauchelevent or Fabre or Valjean? I was just wondering. Obviously it became Pontmercy:-)
Anyway, the dress she wears in the picture above is beautiful. I can't quite place which scene she wears it in--perhaps in One Day More? but it certainly looks like a travelling dress. It is a pretty blue/purple lavender colour with a belted waist and lovely puffed sleeves. Her gloves are a darker colour and her bonnet is lined with pink. I actually used to think it was ugly. I mean, the brim is enormous! But I've kind of reconciled myself to it now:-)

It proved slightly difficult to get full-size pictures of her costumes with her actually in them, but there were plenty of them on these headless mannequins, so they'll have to do. This is her nightgown with some kind of light dressing-gown over it, worn during A Heart Full of Love. It's embroidered with yellow and purple flowers and the collar of the nightgown is lacy. The dressing gown appears to tie in front with a drawstring. It's very dainty. All of Cosette's clothes reflect her personality.

I love this one soooo much. Amanda Seyfried wears it in the movie during Every Day/A Heart Full of Love Reprise, I believe. It's a creamy patterned day dress with a wide lace collar, a purple waistband and three-puffed sleeves. This is such a sweet dress and one of my favourites.
And here's one of her in it! Aren't her shoes gorgeous?

This one definitely has to be my second favourite--after her wedding dress, obviously! The fabric looks almost quilted, sturdy but pretty. I love the oval belt buckle and the red flowers embroidered on the waistband and neckline. The little gold bows are cute and there is lace around the neck. Again, puffed sleeves.

These are both of her outfit when she first sees Marius and vice versa. I definitely prefer this bonnet to the other one. It's lovely. So is the dress, a dark green/blue silk with lace round the neck and a gold buckle at the waist. And lovely big sleeves.

Cosette's wedding dress is gorgeous. It seems to be white but faintly pink, which is very sweet. It is the only one of her gowns that has short sleeves.I love the lace on the bodice and the full skirt.
So that's it! Please comment and feel free to give me ideas on what to post about! I would love some inspiration!


  1. Cool! I love Les Miserables too! Have you seen The Phantom of the Opera? That is REALLY awesome as well! The movie of it isn't so good though…btw, thanks for your email!

    1. No, actually I haven't! I should, eh? High five for loving Les Mis!! And thankyou for your email is coming your way!

    2. High five 4 u too! Yes, you REALLY should! btw…got your email, thanks!

    3. Her outfits are SO COOL!!!!! Wouldn't you love to step back in time, and wear some of them all day?!? every day?!?!

  2. My favourite is her wedding dress! It sooo lovely! I really should see les Miz!!!!!

      (Calm it down, Beth)....but seriously, you have to see it! It's practically perfect in every way! Yes her wedding gown is so lovely!

  3. Oh yes I know I already suggested post ideas, but I have some others if you want to ;-) I'm glad you ask you know. :-)
    Mayyybe a post about...
    -What you've been sewing lately?
    -To which heroine you relate to most?
    -Period Drama confessions?
    -The story you are writing (you told me once you wrote a story, didn't you?)?
    -What made you decide to start a blog?
    -How your Period Drama- I'll say "life" started?
    Phew! I have tooo many ideas, don't I? Anyway, feel free to ignore any of these!
    Hope that was helpful!

    1. whenever I need any ideas, I can ask you! Thanks so much!
      You can never have too many ideas, m'dear! I have written a story but I don't know if I would post about's not that good. I am loving your posts anout Suxbury Village, by the way!