Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Period Drama Confessions

Thankyou Naomi for suggesting this post!! 
So I have a few confessions to make about period dramas I've seen.
Number one: I like Cynthia Kirkpatrick. She made some mistakes, but she isn't a villain.

Number two: I defend Russell Crowe's Javert. This has nothing to do with the fact that he's a New Zealander, dear readers. I know his voice leaves a lot to be desired but it's perfect for the part he plays: harsh, rough and deep. And as far as looks go, he's extremely Javert-ish.

While we're on the topic of Les Mis....
I am not over-fond of Marius. Not even Eddie Redmayne's, even though he is my far the best of them. I have yet to find the perfect Marius of the book. And don't get me wrong, I do like him, just not as much as Certain Others who shall be Nameless. :-)
I really, really like Eponine, as well as Cosette. Some people can't stand Eponine and think Cosette is boring. Cosette is not boring! She's charming and the book says she is 'brave and wild at heart'.
Number five: I like Eowyn better than Arwen in the Lord of the Rings. She's just much more interesting and a bit of a tomboy. Is it only me who thinks she should have married Aragorn? I do like Faramir, however.
Query: is LOTR a period drama? Oh well, it's my blog.

I can't think of too many more at present, but if I do, Part Two will be posted:-)
What are your Period Drama Confessions?


  1. Certain Other who Shall Be Nameless....aaahhh, I know who you mean! *jumps up and down with silly grin on face*. Ahem, I mean, Aaron Tveit....I mean Enjolras. :)

  2. Um I really don't want to sound rude in the *checks russel crowe's wikipedia page looks emabrressed* dont worry. I myself being Australian always thought he was.. awkward..

    1. Yeah, he is "Australian" but he was born in NZ. :-)

  3. You mentioned me again! Thank you :)
    Cynthia is not a villain. You're right, she definitely isn't! But you knew that's what I thought. :-P
    I LOOOVE Cosette. Ahem. That is to say I once saw a tiny part when she sang I dreamed a dream and I thought she was sooo sweet and simply perfect. For the rest I don't know anything about her but I know that, when I do see it, I shall love her. I just KNOW it. :)
    Lovely post!

  4. Cool post!! Ooooo…who are those 'Certain Others who shall be Nameless'??? *naughty grin* nah…just kidding. thankfully I'm not in that group…Marius gets on my nerves. =D I really like Cosette too! She's so sweet/cute/adorable/whatever! I think I'm a bit to addicted to Les Mis. Who can't be, though?

  5. Haha thanks! I know! Once you've seen it/read it, that's it. You're hooked for life!