Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy 2015!!

I know everyone is saying this, but seriously, WHERE DID YOU GO, 2014!! I miss you! Does every year go faster as you get older? I only just got used to writing 2014. :-)
It's come around super fast and it's going to be one exciting year. I'm going to high school, and I've never set foot in a classroom before. And now I'm going to a school with 1400 students. Yikes. But I want to learn lots and grow in different ways and still make time for my hobbies and most importantly, grow in my relationship with God. He's shown and taught me so much this year and I know this year is going to be just as amazing. One thing I've learned is that people may let you down but God never does. He never changes. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. I've become more aware of His hand in my life and I believe He is testing me by throwing me these changes. And I'm really, really excited. I thought I'd post some photos not just from this year but from past years too. Always good for a laugh;-)

Is that me???

Okay, so I've grown out of dressing up......well, not quite;-)


I call this the puffer fish face.
Ems' birthday 2 years ago. What!

Country dance, Feb 2014. Sister and two amazing friends, one of whom is moving overseas.......

Me and my gorgeous girls.



BEE. It's an acronym for us.

A bunch of crazy people.

Collages for two books, one finished, the other a work in progress.





the two-year-old!! I mean, he was born, like, yesterday.

I did heaps of things last year that I've never done before. I went to a youth camp, I had my hair cut in a concave bob (it's grown out now), I did two exams over four days, had knee surgery, countless sleepovers with that blonde person and my sister (insane things. went to her place, then went out to another friend's party, got back to E's house and watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. At eleven o'clock.) Watched fireworks on Ems' birthday, Built a barricade in Bff's rumpus room and slept in it. Went stargazing and camped out, ate way too much candy. actually, I've eaten way too much candy this year. Went to the movies to celebrate the anniversary of our friendship. Turned 16, wrote a book, started two more. Changed my blog look. Discovered Studio C. Professed my faith before our congregation. Discovered and fell in love with Les Miserables and the Hunger Games, (books and movies) and consequently became less afraid of writing sad and scary. Performed at a brass band concert. Came up with silly nicknames for just about everyone I know. Ems is Elimelech. Lukie is Lucas Skywalker. BFF is Miss Flimsy, Captain America, Blondie and who knows what else. Oh yes, and we discovered Star Wars. Learned the art of fangirling and discovered Eragon. Not a lot of really exciting things, but I'm sure more are in the future.

Sorry for subjecting you to all that. ;-) Okay, your turn. Tell me what you guys all got up to last year and what your plans are for this one.


  1. What a lovely post Beth! :D I'm working on one now..... so you will have to wait and see ahah.. btw your email doesn't work ;(

    1. Ooh excited...:-D What! No.....that's weird. Maybe xtra doesn't work because you're is universal but that didn't work either. Growl.:-P

  2. Great post, Beth dear! I KNOW RIGHT. So much happens in one year of your life. It's just crazy thinking about it all. And God - HOW HE NEVER CHANGES. He's just beyond perfect, right?!!
    Your little brother is such a cute little pumpkin. He's cheeks... oh, I just want to hug him. (If that sounded creepy, sorry, haha)
    Goodness, don't apologise, I lovely reading all about what you did this year. I love the way you listed it, in such a cosy kind of way. :-P Here's some of the things I did this year:
    - Start a blog
    - Visit a pebble beach
    - Write three books
    - Make two scrapbooks
    - Sing three solos in Church
    - Loads of other things.
    Things I want to do in this year:
    - Phone my best friend (Emma Jane)
    - Watch the Scarlet Pimpernel
    - Watch Saving Mr Banks and loads of other movies I haven't seen yet. (No, sorry. Excluding les mis. Well, I might try it again if I get forced.)
    - Read 100 books (yes, I'm going to try that :)

    Happy new Year!!!

    ~ Naomi

    1. I change so much in one year and so does everyone else...except the Lord. He is awesome:-)
      I know!! Haha, not creepy at all, that's the effect he has on everyone, and he's grown since that picture too...
      Oh good:-) Wow, you must have good nerves to sing in front of people!! I mean, I can sing but probably not before an audience:-(
      Wow, three books...I love finishing books but mine tend to get really long and complicated!!
      Yes, I'd love to watch TSP!!! I'd also love to see some friends again..
      I will force you;-P It's funny how my tastes have changed too. A few years ago I hated sad movies and now I love them.
      Yes!! I should do that too, make a huge list of books and work through it.
      Have an amazing day!!