Saturday, 9 June 2012

Reading #1

 Although it hasn't been a week yet, I thought I'd do another post. Sewing and Costume #1 is on the way. I decided to do one on Reading. Today's book is Little Women. Things I like about it are:
It is a really good classic.
It is about real life.
You can learn a lot from it.
Plenty of drama and action.
      Favourite character(s)
          Jo and Amy.
      Favourite chapter
          Chapter 1~ Playing Pilgrims

      YAY! I just thought I'd try putting a picture on and it FINALLY WORKED!!!!!
This is Jo from the Winona Ryder movie version of Little Women. That's my favourite so far.
This one is of the four girls and Marmee.
By the way, here's one of the berry custard tarts.
           Au revoir!! Coming soon~ Sewing and Costume #1~ With Photos!!     

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  1. Wowah!!!! The first picture looks like Lydia Koolaard, eh?