Monday, 25 June 2012

Useful French Phrases

I am learning French. An accomplished young lady would, as Miss Bingley says in Pride and Prejudice,"have a thorough knowledge of music, drawing, dancing, and the modern languages."
However, if you are travelling, it's good to know some phrases.

Je m'appelle...~I am/my name is/I am called...
Je te presente...~ May I present..
Je desirerais/Je voudrais~I'd like to
Comment dit-on en francais?~ How do you say that in French?
Je ne comprends pas~ I don't understand
Je ne sais pas~ I don't know
Je suis desole(e)~ I'm very sorry
Je vous en prie~ You're welcome
Que veut dire ce mot?~ What does this word mean?
No doubt the French Miss Bingley learned would have been a bit different from modern French. Another interesting fact. Jane Austen lived during the French Revolution and the Napoleonic wars, but apart from some of her characters being soldiers and sailors, she does not mention these conflicts.
Oh, and I changed the name of my blog as you can see.
Next time~ The Kitty and Lydia letters


  1. Your article is really informative to learn French language. Everyone should improve their native language and people should take various courses for improving their language. French learner can improve their language skill by taking Language course, they can study grammar

    and vocabulary books and thus they can improve wonderful French language .

  2. Hello, I'm from France and I find your blog very interressant. I love Jane Austen and all what is related to her.

    Just a little mistake, in every day life the word "goodbye" doesn't mean "adieu" but "au revoir".

    Best wishes and good luck for learning French.