Friday, 15 June 2012

Sewing & Costume #1- Fichu Tutorial

A fichu is a Regency style neck scarf used to fill in the neckline of a dress. To make your own you can use chiffon or fine cotton or netting, preferably white. You could use a sewing machine but I hand hemmed mine with backstistch.

Cut a large, long triangle from your fabric, about  40-50- depending on the width of your shoulders- in. on the bottom side. Press the edges over and stitch neatly, being careful not to pull the fabric. Unfortunately I have no photos of the work in progress but I do have some of the finished result.

Not too clear. Ah well. Drape it around your shoulders, tie the ends together or fasten with a brooch pin. It also looks really pretty tied with a ribbon bow.

You could sew lace onto the edges to save hemming, do ruffles or embroidery, whatever you like.
Another popular neckline filler was a chemisette.
On one of my favourite blogs,Tea in a Teacup, there is a chemisette tutorial.
I hope you enjoyed reading this post!
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  1. Hi Beth!

    That looks good! (Those photos aren't too bad, either!)

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  2. Did Emily take the photos?

  3. So lovely! I would love to see more tutorials, as I'm very interested in historical sewing too. :D