Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Les Miserables 2012 Movie Review Part Two

So, now we're in Paris, ten years later, in the midst of unrest and upheaval. 'Look Down' reprise was so cool. There's Enjolras, the leader of the June Rebellion and the leader of the Friends of the ABC, with Marius Pontmercy. More on them later.

Gavroche's verses were funny and cute but tough at the same time. Basically he'd been kicked out by his parents, the dreadful Thenardiers Tweedledumbs and has had to fend for himself most of his life. He's not one of Dickens' pitiful orphans. He is a 'gamin' as Victor Hugo calls him. I think Daniel Huttlestone did a great job of portraying him.

Aaaaand now we come to my second favourite character of all. Eponine Thenardier. Why do they keep popping up? Samantha Barks probably has the best female lead voice in the movie. Although since when does this rhyme? "Plotting to overthrow the state?.....Come on, I know your grandpa's rich."

'Red and Black' was SO COOL. They're all such great actors and singers. You can tell what each person's (Enjolras, Marius, Grantaire) motives and feelings are by just their expressions. Plus it's one of my favourite songs.

Pretty much all Enjolras is focusing on is the revolution. We were watching this with my parents and uncle and when Marius was singing "She was just like a ghost to me" and Enjolras started striding over we all giggled. Poor Marius! But seriously, I love Enjolras. I like book-Enjolras better than the one in the movie, but Aaron Tveit did an amazing job. And he has by far the best male vocals in the movie. Miss Jane Bennet, my lovely blogging friend over at Classic Ramblings has written a superb post about Enjolras here. Please check it out. My views exactly. 

Basically what these guys are trying to accomplish is a hopeless dream. They know they're going to die, that the world will never be perfect as they see it. But they're not afraid. They're making their point.
Anyway, enough with the philosophical. I don't know all the names of the barricade boys, so I will concentrate on the major ones.

Grantaire is the only one who isn't in the cause. But he's funny and cheerful, although he has his faults. Apathy and drinking.way.too.much. But he redeems himself in the end, wait and see. George Blagden did a great job of portraying him as a joky, careless guy who doesn't live for anything. The only thing he believes in is Enjolras.

Courfeyrac was funny and sang well. I loved how he and Gavroche had a brotherly relationship. But what's up with the Irish accent? ''We need as mooch furnitcha as ye can throo doown!" He was good though. Also best friends with Marius(we're getting to him).

Combeferre is really cool, esp. in the book, although to be honest, none of the barricade boys had enough screen time. 
"One minute there, then they were gone!"

'Heart Full of Love' was amazing. Such good singers. And Eponine was just standing there watching......awwww.....

Speaking of we come to Marius. Eddie Redmayne has a good voice, although it's too soft and high sometimes, and he captures the dreamy-lovestruck-slash-determined-fighter character well. Buuuut....the book says he's supposed to be very handsome, with "intensely black hair"!!! This Marius didn't fit the description very well, which is a pity, cause I really like him. But he and Cosette were such a sweet couple. Sorry, Marius fans. *ducks*

Amanda Seyfried as the older Cosette was incredibly sweet and pretty. Now she's grown up with her adoptive father Valjean who denies her nothing.....oh, the irony, Eponine!! No wonder the girl was jealous. 
Cosette is one of my favourite characters. I was impressed with her singing, too, as I know it's a soprano part but Seyfried is an alto. She managed it really well, although some of the high notes didn't quite cut it.

"On My Own" was heartbreaking. It is one of my favourites and the way Eponine sings it is so powerful. 
"But don't you think she needs a more substantial shawl, Emma?" Sorry. Random Emma quote.
She's in  nothing but rags and soaking wet and she's still beautiful!!

Anyway, so I thought I'd be able to cover the whole rest of the movie in one post (heh heh...) but I find myself pressed for time so I will stop here. Goodbye!!

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  1. GAHHHHHHH I JUST LOVE THIS MOVIE SO MUCH. Hehe...tweedledumbs...heehehe. :D. Great review!

  2. I KNOW!!! ME TOO! I LOVE IT TO BITS!! Thanks :-)