Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The Costumes of Cranford~ Miss Caroline Tomkinson

We're back to the Costumes of Cranford blog series now. Probably one of the most annoying character in the movie, Caroline wears a lot of red and huge skirts. Also, her hairstyle is absolutely ridiculous(read in Marilla voice.) I can imagine her having to walk sideways to get through the door.

This bonnet is a plain straw one with sage-coloured ties and red and white plumes on the back.

I have few words to describe this gown except ''It is silk, and it is red, and there is a great deal of it!"

This brown/red patterned gown is actually quite pretty and Christmas-y. She wears a gathered chemisette at the neck and a red bow.

Here she wears a darker and plainer bonnet with a red checked dress. Couldn't find any more pictures of this one.

That's about it! See you next time!!


  1. Caroline Tomkinson simply drives me MAD!!! She is so annoying! I always want Dr Harrison to tell her right out, 'You AREN'T ill and I AM NOT in love with you so GO AWAY.' Heehee- but he never does. I really feel like telling her that.
    She's very funny though and I like her red silk dress although her hairstyle- I agree with you- I can hear Marilla's voice saying: IT'S RIDICULOUS!
    Anyways, very nice post. I like Cranford's dresses, especially Sophie's costumes. Have you done hers already?

  2. Thanks! I actually haven't yet, but I will soon!