Monday, 1 September 2014

A pinch and a punch for the first of the month

 Where did August go?? The year's running away from us, guys. In one month I'm going to be sixteen. Sixteen! It's exciting and scary at the same time.
How I spent my August:
Last Saturday I went to a youth photo rally. This basically involved splitting up into teams and roaming around the mall and city square with a long and ridiculous list of things we had to photograph. My friend brought her camera. So we spent the afternoon being utterly idiotic. Buying one small Coke from McDonald's and sharing it. (Don't worry, we had separate straws.) Aaaand getting a random passer-by to photograph us.
Making a human pyramid in the middle of Kmart. In a kids' clothing aisle.
Performing Gangnam Style in front of Whitcoulls. On video. For about two seconds.
Hugging a shop assistant.
Shaking the hand of a random guy with a beard.
Trying on wacky hats and masks in the dollar store.
Losing eachother in the crowd, counting shoe shops, riding elevators, eating sundaes.
My sister turned twelve. Yikes. I made her a cake, like the benevolent senior sis I am. It was kind of a Frozen theme. She was having a joint party with a friend so the poor lil cake had a jolty ride to its destination. Aren't the marshmallow Olafs cute? Yes, their noses should be orange, not red. But it was cold.

Crazy children.
What else I've been doing:

~ Making : marshmallow fondant. It's the best icing. It has marshmallows, a sprinkle of water, and icing sugar. That's it. It's soooo yummy.
~ Sewing : Well, nothing at the moment. But I am planning to make a dress for the Country Dance.
~ Reading :
       - The Bible
       - Sense and Sensibility
       - Mockingjay
       - Les Miserables (again)
~ Watching :
      -Chariots of Fire
      - Les Mis
~ Studying : lots of schoolwork but especially English.
~Writing : That is a secret.
~Working : Part time, at a library as a volunteer. So much fun.
But enough about me. What have you guys been up to this August? 


  1. The photo thing sounds like a lot of fun!

    Your cake is very cute! I love the little snowmen! I keep seeing the marshmallow fondant on Pinterest, so now that I know it is actually nice I will have to try it now!

    For me, August has been full of exams! Not a whole lot of fun, but apart form that we've been sick a lot. Also not fun. Oh well... :)

  2. It was super fun!! Thanks, the snowmen were yummy as well as cute:) Nope, not fun. I've had this perpetual cough. Ugh. I have exams in November:( I'm so glad we're officially into spring now!!

    1. That's great! Oh, I hope your cough gets better! It's no fun! But I'm not quite ready to get into summer yet...

    2. Thanks:) Oh, I am! It's super sunny today for a change eh? My crazy siblings had a water fight this morning. It's the 3rd of September and they had a WATER FIGHT. I didn't join in:)

    3. A water fight?!?!? It's been warm, but not that warm!!!!! But for the first time this year (after winter!) I could go to school without my puffer, which was nice. :)

  3. ok...this may sound weird, but in Les Miserables (the movie), the scene when Ep sings On My Own, does that have any of the not so good clips in it???? I know, the most stupidest question in the universe!

    1. No it's not a dumb question!! Umm I think that part's all good actually....were you wondering which parts you need to skip? Cause there are a few of those:(