Friday, 12 September 2014

Symptoms of Mizziness ~ A Guide to Self-diagnosis ( A Guest Post by Joly)

Hi. This is Joly, resident physician of Les Amis de l' ABC Cafe, junoir malade imaginaire, and I'm working on my M.D. Since Elizabethany can't be bothered writing a Sensible and Worthy post today, I'm very happy to do a guest post. Naturally, my topic today happens to be one very dear to my heart. You may wonder, as Elizabethany herself does, if you are a victim of the above-mentioned malady. I questioned Elizabethany closely, and here is what I came up with. Take the test yourself.

You know you're a Les Miserables nut when.............

You like walking in the rain just so you can sing On My Own.

You examine your tongue in the mirror each day, a la me....(this is a book reference)

You suddenly have a mania for all things French.

The barricade boys are your favourite boy band. :-D

Every time you see an elephant, you think of Gavroche.

When someone says a phrase like "at the end of the day", "on my own", or "look down"
you start grinning stupidly like:

You coach your siblings in the fine art of ensemble singing and hold impromptu concerts when the parents are out ( or even when they're not.)

(aaaand you sing it from beginning to end, from memory.)

You have been known to blurt out "Long live Poland!" at random. Another brick reference which is largely due to this guy:

Your favourite colour is red.

You build barricades in your backyard. *Elizabethany(For my bff's birthday, we actually put the soundtrack on and built a barricade in the rumpus room, and we slept in it that night. With a fire in the fireplace and secret nooks and crannies for stashing candy and even, would you believe it, a broken piano!!!!)*
Joly: Hey, who's doing this post?!
Elizabethany: Sorry.

All your birthday cards look something like this:

Bread is your favourite food.

You become fluent in French. Vive Enjolras!

Every time you pass the wine aisle in the supermarket, you hum "Don't let the wine go to your braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains"

When you see an empty chair, you tend to burst into tears....


When someone criticizes Les Mis;

When you get a haircut:

After summer camp:

I think she has all these symptoms..............................................

Yours sincerely,


  1. This was so funny! Great job! :) I especially liked the "grinning stupidly" part. I do that all the time!

  2. HAHAHA oh Joly...he's one of my favorites. :D This was AWESOME--especially the thing about OMO. I used to dress up in a brown skirt when it rained and wander around in the grass, singing OMO--and then I would pretend I was Marianne, but my Janeiteness doesn't stretch so far as to enable to drop to the ground in a dead faint, heehee. (As a matter of fact, neither does my Mizziness...that's why I nevuh do ALFOR outside. I'm sort of Joly-ish that way, I guess. HAHAHA.)
    Anyways, I tagged you over at my blog: I'd love to see your answers! :)

    1. I love running downhills and yelling, "Is there any felicity in the world superior to THIS?"
      Yea, Joly is one of my favourite minor characters:)
      Aww thankyou for tagging me!

  3. Haaaaaa this is awesome!!! Les Mis forevah!!
    And it's wierd - I actually did a post like this a few days ago about the symptoms of being a musical nut. I guess great minds think alike...