Friday, 5 December 2014

an announcement.


cause summer's finally here. sort of.

Oh yes, the announcement. So I haven't posted in a wee while because this past week I had knee surgery (not fun), had a night in hospital and I just got home on Wednesday. But that's not the announcement. The announcement is that my sister and I are going off to school next year!!! Yes, I will be taking years 12 and 13 at high school. Scary. Exciting. So I will not be able to post as regularly (haha) as I normally do or as I'd like to. Don't worry, I still plan to keep up my blog, I will just be posting less frequently:-)
Have an amazing day, friends!!

(I'm excited about school cause I get to do music. and sewing. and drama.:-D)


  1. Wow! Should I say congratulations or good luck...? I hope you won't find it too different from being home schooled! Learn a lot and have a good time! :-)

    We'll miss you! :-D

    1. Thanks!! I think I will, but it'll be an adventure and I'll get used to it:-)
      Aww thanks!

  2. I'm so happy for you!!! Haha I'll see you at school! :)