Monday, 17 November 2014

Birthday photos, more than a month later:-D

Here they are guys! Enjoy:-) I didn't take these, all the credit goes to my amazing cousin Myra and her gorgeous camera.

Cheeky 8-year-old sister Ruby:-D

L&P. Lemon and Paeroa, for all you foreign people. It's lemon soda.

My cousin Albie and my friend Kathryn:-)

Kathryn and one of her brothers, William.



My 12-year-old sis Ainsley:-)

Somebody was playing with my hair. I have absolutely no idea who.

Me and Captain America. Everyone else calls her Esther because that's her real name, and yes, she's American.:-D

Ruby is always an eager model. XD

So is Ains.

She said, "Hey Beth," and I said, "Yeah?" and she took this photo.

William, Jordan, Marcus.

The Ruby and the legendary photographer Myra. Love these girls:-)

The Ains again. And Jess, otherwise known as Lily. Love her:-)

14-year-old sister Ems.

Captain America and Wolverine. Otherwise known as Blondie and Brownie. No prizes for guessing which is which.


They are so awesome.

Promising young Padawans.:-D


The Ruby strikes again.

All my amazing friends!!! Jess, Liz, Albie, Sammi, Jainee, Marcus, Will, Jordan, another Marcus, and Joseph.

Marcus number 2 makes a beeline for the food.:-)

Liz, Albie, Sam, Jainee.:-)

Me again.:-D

Ainsley, master of strange faces.

Ruby and me.

Ainsley, Ruby on Laura's lap and Abbskebabs.

Ems, Jess, Soph, me.

Gorgeous girls Kelia and Rachel:-)

The food is disappearing. 

Tough guy Albie. :-D

Ben, Rosie, Jainee and Sam. Love these guys:-)

Ainsley, me, Marcus.

Abby, Blondie, Laura.

Playing Psychiatrist. I won't try to explain the rules cause they're complicated:-)


esther, kelia, abs, will, liz, me.

Dad making an embarrassing speech.......

It was nice though:-)

Beautiful cake made by Mum and Ems. 

Fondant books. Les Mis and Pride and Prejudice among them. I ate LM. It was good:-D

Me cutting the cake and my mum and dad watching.

So there you have 'em! Hope you enjoyed them! Please also comment with some questions for my Answers post if you have any:-) 


  1. Looks like great fun! And what a cake! I laughed when you said 'you ate les Mis' and 'it was good'. That's really YOU. Haha. :-)

    1. Haha thanks!! It was fun:-) Btw I have no idea why my lip is blue in that photo of me and Dad. Strange.

  2. Oh how lovely Beth!!! :-) Just a quick comment I'm afraid, I have to perform soon.. actually in 2 mins *picks up viola and dashes off*

    1. Thanks:-) oh really? Hope it went well XD

    2. No worries! Oh it did! I did a post on it! :D

  3. Looks like it was an amazing day! Lovely photos..

    1. It was! She's a good photographer...

  4. Your birthday looked fun!!! It's always nice to celebrate with lots of friends!

    By the way, have I mentioned that I love how PINK your blog is? :)

    1. Sure is! Haha yes I love pink too!!