Monday, 24 November 2014

Of P&P, Palpatine and Jean Prouvaire........

Hey everyone! So here's the answer post, finally. Enjoy!

Naomi asked:

How did you get introduced to Jane Austen?

      Okay. So I started reading P&P when I was about 10, and understandably I couldn't get very far;-) I watched the movie when I was about thirteen and fell in love with it, read P&P and all the other books as soon as I could get my hands on them. I also read a biography of Jane Austen by David Cecil. It was really good and I feel like I know her pretty well now. I would have loved to meet her!!

-How many siblings do you have? Brothers/sisters?

     Soo, you've probably seen them before, but here they are. Three sisters and two brothers.



Ruby and Tom.


-Have you seen Downton Abbey? /Would you like to?

I saw the first episode of Season 2 at a friend's place. I love Lady Violet, detest Lavinia Swire, feel sorry for Matthew and Mary, and can't wait to see the rest of the series!

-What are you currently reading and watching?

This. Again. (I know, I know.)


Very good. Review coming up.:-)

And now... a question you'll probably hate me for:
-How can you love Les Miserables if everyone dies in it?

*Deep breath*

Not everyone dies. Two people survive.

These two do. But I love it even though everyone else dies, or maybe even slightly because. Les Mis is the story of a man whose life was changed by God's love. It is the story of  "les miserables," the wretched, the poor, the underdogs. It is the story of people fighting for freedom. It's gruesome and terribly sad but it's real life, and even though Victor Hugo killed off people I love, they died for a reason. :-)

"So be it," added Enjolras.  "A word more. ... In the future no man shall slay his fellow, the earth shall be radiant, the human race shall love.  It will come, citizens, that day when all shall be concord, harmony, light, joy and life; it will come, and it is that it may come that we are going to die."

~Les Miserables, "Saint-Denis," Corinth, chapter eight

Evelyn asked:

What's the best thing about NZ?

Summer Christmases.
The fact that wherever you live in NZ, you're not that far from a beach.
The gorgeous landscapes, native trees, animals and flowers.
Tui songs.
No snakes. Except in zoos.
The fact that we have enormous cities not far from rural areas.

Which is better Aus or NZ?

Would you ever consider coming to Aus for a visit? :D

Yeeaaahh maybe. If I can avoid floods and droughts and bushfires and snakes and spiders.:-)

What's your favourite thing about Star Wars?


Am I allowed to say everything?
Funny quotes.

Are you excited about the new SW movie?


So there you have it! Feel free to ask more questions if you want. I'd also appreciate suggestions for another Authors post in the near future.


  1. Oh wow Beth great post!! It's Evie from A period Drama fangirl and now Me Myself and I, thanks for answering my questions I really liked your answers :D
    We are coming to NZ for a holiday soonish :DDDD
    Me, Myself and I

    1. Thanks!! You're welcome:-)
      Really? Where in NZ are you planning to go??

    2. No worries!!
      and Oooh Um the North Island and some of the South.. I really want to check out Wellington. My father, the geogogy i.e Rotorua..My Mum wants to see little towns.. any recommendations? and my Brother "THE HOBBIT"-Dan

    3. Cool! Haha I live in a small town ;-) Umm let me think. There's lots, but some of them aren't particularly exciting. Like Shannon or Marton. I think my town is pretty nice, it's called Feilding and it's rather cute.

    4. Hahha Oh that's so cool! Oooh Can I email you? Feilding sounds lovely! (based on what I have read so far) :D

    5. Sure:) I will leave a top secret comment on your blog:-D
      Yeah, it's really cute, it won NZ's most beautiful town 14 times. It has lampposts and a clock tower and lots of flowers:-)

  2. Oh, your way of 'meeting' Jane A is similar to mine. :-)

    So you've seen a little DA? Good! I know! The Dowager is the best character in the show - I love her so much. :-) As you probably know, M&M get together - so there's no need to feel really sorry for them. Actually, Lavinia is not that bad, once you get to know her. Many viewers don't really like her because they want Mary to have Matthew, but seriously, Lavinia's a sweet girl. You should watch more, and you'll probably change some of your current opinions. :-)

    Oh yes, I knew your siblings' names actually - apart from Lukie, I didn't know you had two brothers. :-)

    Thank you for answering my Les Mis question. I understand, kind of.

    Thanks for answering my questions, dear!

    1. Haha awesome!

      You're a bit of a Downton expert, aren't you? Yeah I knew about Matthew and Mary, so I was just annoyed that he got engaged to Lavinia, if my memory serves me correctly. I should watch some more and get to know the characters a bit better...
      One person I detested was Bates' wife. Ex-wife? or something.
      She was nasty.
      Yep. two brothers. Lukie is a nickname for Lucas:-)
      We also call him Luke Skywalker.
      YES!! the cute couple survives. Haha.
      Anyway, you're welcome!!