Friday, 7 November 2014

I've already done the Janeite tag, but I couldn't resist.

So the lovely Miss Dashwood finally did the Janeite tag! Go read her post, it's great. And her questions sounded really fun, so I'm going to do them for lack of anything else to post about at the moment. (On a side note, has anyone else noticed that Blogger templates/layout are acting up lately? or is it just me?) I might have to capitulate and beg my readers for Questions so I can do an Answers post.
That sounds like a good idea, actually. Feel free....hint hint...

Ahem, anyway. Let's get on with these scrumptious Janeite questions.

~If you could mix-and-match any Jane Austen heroine with a hero from a different novel, who would it be?  (ex: Fanny Price and Mr. Knightley)

Ooh. Let me think. It seems kind of desecratory (is that a word?) to pair heroines with other heroes and so forth. I will not let that deter me. I'll go with Mr. Darcy and Emma. They're both rich and proud. And they're two of my favourites:-)

~What's your favorite quote from a Jane Austen movie that doesn't actually appear in the novel it's based on? (make sense of that if you can)

"That man is so full of himself I'm surprised he can stay on that horse."
~Mr. Knightley, Emma 2009, about Mr. Elton
~What's your favorite hat or bonnet worn by a heroine in a Jane Austen movie?

Definitely this:-)

It's the best. It's even got little gold leaves and flowers on the side, you can just see them in this picture. It's gorgeous:-)
~Which Janeite-related location would you most want to visit-- London, Bath, Steventon Rectory or Chawton Cottage?

Chawton Cottage:-) Though of course I'd definitely want to see the others too.

~What's your favorite kind of tea?  :D
 Wildberry. I detest black, green, milky, and chai tea. I can't stand coffee either. Or any other milky drink except for iced chocolate and smoothies. Yes, I am strange. Don't judge me, Miss Dashwood:-)
I cannot help it. It is not my own fault. 

~Have you ever randomly stumbled across a fellow Janeite at a social event?  Tell us about it!

Randomly, no. I don't think so. 
~Who's your favorite parent in a Jane Austen novel?

Hmm. Most Austen parents are pretty meh. I like Mrs. Morland and Mr. Bennet....probably leaning toward Mr. Bennet because he's hilarious even if he isn't a perfect father, and Mrs. Morland is pretty nice:-)

That's all for today, folks! So remember to ask me some deep and not-so-meaningful questions if you are so inclined. They can literally be about anything as long as they're not too personal, like, "What's your phone number?" in which case I wouldn't even answer them:-P Anything related to my fandoms will be hugely appreciated:-) hopefully you know what those are!

Love you guys!


  1. Hmmm questions
    What's the best thing about NZ?
    Which is better Aus or NZ?
    Would you ever consider coming to Aus for a visit? :D
    What's your favourite thing about Star Wars?
    Are you excited about the new SW movie?

  2. Very cute, and thank you for reminding me to do it myself! :)

    1. Thanks:-) ooh can't wait to read your answers!

  3. Mmm. Some questions.

    -How did you get introduced to Jane Austen
    -How many siblings do you have? Brothers/sisters?
    -Have you seen Downton Abbey? /Would you like to?
    -What are you currently reading and watching?
    And now... a question you'll probably hate me for:
    -How can you love les Miserables if everyone dies in it?

    ~ Naomi